Malaska Golf Subscription

From: $14.00

Mike has created Malaska Golf to offer players a couple unique ways of learning. The M-System is Mike’s step-by-step skill development lesson plan to help you become a complete player. You’ll start with the basics. Go through video by video. This is truly how Mike works with his students in live teaching formats. Revisit the series in order. Build your skills going from small movements to bigger ones.

If you get stuck, just post your question in the comments section beneath the video.  Mike does a great job of answering member comments a couple times a week. He also selects several comments that he thinks the will benefit the entire community and posts a video response in the ASK MIKE section of the site.

The Skill Pathways section offers lessons focused on particular parts of the game if you find that there’s one aspect that you want to focus in on.

Plus there are Player Lessons, which are clips of live instruction on the range or course with his students and friends. These video series let you in on other players’ “a-ha moments” so you can apply their learning to your game. There’s also Golf Talk, in which Mike offers perspectives from other instructors, pros, friends, and many more.

Golf doesn’t have to be complicated. Malaska Golf was designed to help you improve at your own pace and better your understanding of the game so you can enjoy your time on the course a lot more.

We hope you enjoy learning with Mike and continue improving throughout the season.

$126.00 / year
$14.00 / month with a 14-day free trial