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The driver and putter are the two most important clubs in the bag. With the driver, it is essential to hit the ball a decent distance and control where it goes off the tee. It is crucial to get started the right way. You can't play the game if you can't hit your driver well. It won't put you in a position to chip or putt the ball because you are out of play all the time.

Learning to hit the driver well is paramount to playing the game. Hitting a driver well is the most enjoyable part; everyone likes to see how far the ball goes. The problem is that what people perceive will make the ball go farther and what makes the driver move fast is incorrect. What people attempt to do with tension and effort to make the club move faster actually slows the club down.

When you put everything together, you can have fun with how the driver works, how those forces work, hitting the ball farther, and controlling the golf ball. When you go through The M-System Driver series, you will learn different parts of what you are trying to do to get the right feel of swinging the driver. If you get out of sequence and one part doesn't work, and you try to make the ball go far or create more speed, then you are creating speed the wrong way. This is harder to control the clubface and to be able to have fun. Getting off the tee successfully and getting the ball in play can make the driver the most important club in the bag.

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    Mike has found that the driver is one of the easiest clubs to hit as it swings in the largest circle and creates the most force, making it simple to time everything.

    The industry says your body and core are the main focus and emphasis in your swing. Mike believes this is important; however, thi...


    Driver posture is critical because if you are out of balance or if your posture is off, it will be difficult to create much speed or control. Start with the correct grip, and set up with the ball off your left foot. The object is that you are trying to catch the ball slightly on the upswing.



    When good players hit the ball, their swing looks effortless, and the ball goes a long way. How do they do that? The Lever System is the secret and magic to generating a lot of speed and force with your driver. It is important to create 90-degree angles on the backswing, holding the angle on the ...


    Many sports incorporate the Lever System and the pivoting action of a club, bat, racket, etc. Developing the Lever System begins with pivoting the club back and forth.

    Tennis and golf are very similar in that the ball is stationary at impact, and you pivot the club or racket to hit the ball. Wh...


    This Driver video zeroes in on creating speed. PGA professional Davis Love Jr. was one of the best drivers of the golf ball. His father had him do a drill which was phenomenal at creating and increasing speed. By creating more and more speed, everything has to stay in sync when you swing. You won...


    Mike Malaska works us through a drill that focuses on driver face control. He likes to refer to the driver as a placement club.

    Mike places four balls on tees to hit different shots. He hits a hook, fade, and a low shot while getting control of the face. Mike hits the ball, making the ball curv...


    The key to creating speed is staying relaxed and swinging without tension. Mike Malaska suggests that words like "trying to hit the ball harder" or "pound the ball" impact how you swing. People usually tighten up when they try to hit the ball harder. Thinking about it from the perspective of crea...


    Tennis is a sport that connects with the golf swing. Like in golf, you use the lever system to hit the ball at the apex or top of the tennis serve. The tennis forehand uses the up to under motion on the backswing and into the ball. You also step back with your left leg as the racket accelerates f...


    Regarding driver fitness, leg and core strength are essential; however, flexibility relative to what your swing looks like is just as vital.

    Put your driver parallel to you on your chest. Leave your hips still and rotate your shoulders back and forth. Try rotating your hips and not moving your ...


    Mike summarizes the driver series. He believes that you must have the proper grip, grip pressure, and tension to hit the driver well. This is key to making the Lever System work. Take the lever system you have learned from other sports and apply it.

    Once you have the lever system working and yo...