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    In the set up there are two positions relative to ball position. One is how far from the ball and the other is where in my stance front to back. The distance from the ball is extablised by first take your grip. Then let the club unhinge or radial deviate your lead wrist. Once the is established j...


    When you set up to the ball you need to make sure that your eye line and your shoulder line are parallel to your target line. You can also have hips and feet parallel but the most important is to make sure that your eyes and shoulders are parallel. This is critical because your club will tend to ...

  • M4: IMPACT

    To get into impact. Take your posture and set up. Then move just a little bit of weight or force into your lead leg. As you are doing that push your lead hip back away from the target line. This will pull your trail hip forward. It will drop your trail shoulder and your trail arm will now be no t...